What did the exhibitors think about CE China? Here is a selection of what just some of them had to say…


Mandy Liu – Events Planner – Miji

“We want to meet more partners here, especially the retailers and also other people from different countries, like Berlin, like America and so on.”





Heonjun Ju – Overseas Sales Division / Executive Director – NUC

“ I think that CE China will be as important as IFA in the future. Not very short time, but in the future. I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a lot of time, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very significant for us. That’s why we are here right now. Promoting a brand itself is really, really important. Since last year, partnering with a really good company in China, I think we have a really good opportunity to increase our brand or image in this country. That’s why the CE China could be the beginning of increasing brand awareness.”


YingLong Li – Sales Director Retail – Sennheiser (Greater China)

“This is the first time that Sennheiser has joined CE China, while each year we attend IFA. I think this is an amazing event; an amazing exhibition. A lot of fans and a lot of business partners have come to our booth, to touch and test our products and give a lot of feedback. I think it’s an amazing experience for us and I’m sure it will also provide a lot of benefits to our business.”


Michael Sørensen – Managing Director – VIFA

“We have been at IFA many times, but though China could be the most important market for Vifa, so why not try this. We already have a good sales and marketing organisation here in China, so it was time to try. I think it’s a big benefit for a brand to be here and I can see there is also a lot of press and media coming to the booths. That’s good!”



Kaikang Le, MBA – Managing Director – Beurer

“We came to China last year, and we are going to extend our business in China. We want to present our products to the professionals and users in China. We want to increase our brand awareness in China and we are looking for some distributors countrywide and local distributors for our products. We have had a lot of visitors who are very interested in our products. I can imagine that we will attend CE China again next year. Another reason is that most of the products need to be tried and experienced.


Ethan Xie – Department Assistant Manager – Omron

This is the first time the vehicle field has been involved at CE China. And we think actually in China the development pace is very fast in the intelligent connected vehicles field. We can see so many test vehicles running in the city, and before we only focused on this technology overseas. So, we think maybe this is a rare chance for us to show our products in China, especially for our OEMs, and to let them know we have these technologies.


Marco Xu – China Marketing Manager – Severin

Actually, we have come for meetings of course, the business comes first. We wanted to meet more potential distributors and dealers. The other thing is we wanted to express ourselves more widely for brand building. One thing is to keep pushing the Severin brand in China, the other is that we’ll keep investing in R&D, as we want to give all the people the best products they can have.