Major product launches mark 2019 edition of CE China

Suning leveraged CE China in order to make a major product launch heading into the holiday season. Chang Jiang, Vice President, Intelligent Terminal Company, Suning Technology Group was at the show for the launch, and explained what the launch was all about.

All you see here are some smart home products and smart household appliances from Xiao Biu, a mark of Suning Jiwu. This year, we have already introduced 20 categories and 45 products into the market, which is a very good achievement for a new mark like us. This air conditioner is a welcomed product online. Since its introduction to the market, we have sold over 600,000 units of this type. This is a highly efficient and energy-saving product, installed with Suning-programmed smart system. Users can use their cell phones to control the air conditioner with the Suning app wherever they are, so it will be cool and comfortable before users even come back home. Users can also control the air conditioner with a Suning Biu audio unit instead of a remote control. Just say how you’d like it to be to a Suning Biu audio, then the air conditioner will do just as you said.

We have also brought in smart clothes dryers, smart curtains, and vertical chamber air conditioners. We also have a wall-mounted washing machine and a ventilation/breezer. Then there is the sweeper robot. Further to that, we have many kitchen appliances.

What is the biggest highlight? 

Among all the products we have brought to CE China, the most important highlight is the new Biu air conditioner Pro, smarter and more efficient than the older type. Users can speak directly to the air conditioner, thus control it completely without a remote control. 100% FREE of remote control and other devices like audios. Biu air conditioner Pro is highly advanced and exceeds the “A” national standard for air conditioners in China, responding to the energy saving and emission reduction requirements from the government. Biu air conditioner Pro is also able to adjust the indoor humidity to make users feel very comfortable. What’s more, it can still work normally regardless of high outdoor temperatures – even up to 60℃.

Aside from the Biu air conditioner, we have also brought slim-shaped fridges which suit Chinese consumers better, the Biu multi-door refrigerator, and a new washing machine. Compared to the original types, all these newly designed machines meet the demands of Chinese customers.

We have also introduced the smart curtain to the market. Just pull it lightly and it will draw aside automatically. This and all other new products are based on the Suning programmed smart system, thus enabling a centralised control of all smart home product to all circumstances.

Why did Suning come to CE China this year?

Because we have been a very close partner of CE China for four years now. Our cooperation every year is a great success. Many exhibitors and buyers can see Suning’s products at CE China. Besides this, Suning is the biggest commodity circulation channel in China. Through CE China, we cooperate with other exhibitors and many good products are thus brought to Suning’s online and offline stores.

Photo: Chang Jiang, Vice President, Intelligent Terminal Company, Suning Technology Group