Miji brings new cooking ideas to Guangzhou

Miji was present at the German pavilion at CE China and is dedicated to transforming the kitchen into a “space for family and friends to enjoy themselves and to improving our perception of the world at the same time”. The company’s philosophy is that the kitchen is not only a place where one can enjoy cooking and food, but also a space for interpersonal communication and recreation.

Miji maintains that design “comes from daily life and in turn, serves life”. And with its new Cube Series, the German small kitchen appliance brand is extending the product range of its newly launched Miji Design brand. 

Three different colours – strawberry pink, kiwi green and lemon are the key selling features of this product line. High-quality German technology has been installed inside this minimalistic design.

While the company’s HQ is in Germany, inspiration often comes from the east. The first idea for the Miji Design Q-series design, for example, came from a very special place. A traditional rural kitchen in Jiangsu province with an earthen stove made for a large wok and fired by wood was one source of inspiration. It is easy to move this “powerful lightweight” to any place in the home and enjoy a meal or tea with friends and family outside the often small kitchen.

Miji’s head office, manufacturing and warehousing facilities are situated in Hesse, Germany. The manufacturer’s key aim is to provide functional, ergonomic products with durable, environmentally friendly and user-friendly features. 

According to the manufacturer, Miji cooktops are some of the very few design-oriented cooking devices on the market using only casting sheet metal and high-quality plastic materials for its product housing. Miji products are, says the manufacturer, “unique and trendy in terms of design as well as practical and easy to clean in terms of function”.