Orange Creatives brings new ideas to CE China

Orange Creatives, a China based Design Agency with Dutch roots, was at CE China developing new contacts and explaining creative design concepts. 

The company claims that it “loves to develop innovative products by integrating market analysis, consumer behaviour research, trends, regulations and new technologies into the design process”.

Orange Creatives Sales Manager Ada Zou explains that her company works in a cross-cultural environment: “We believe that the products we use in daily life have become more innovative, more beautiful, more sustainable, more user-friendly and more affordable through cross pollination of Western and Eastern insights, work styles and ideas in its development and realisation.”

Orange Creatives started as the Ask4Me Group in 2007 and since then we have developed an enormous variety of products. They have developed a flexible design process, divided into clear development steps with ready-to-use deliverables. They work with start-ups as well as established brands to achieve their business goals through design. In addition, they guide their clients to develop their fresh ideas or inventions all the way to a successful product launch. To achieve that, we do more than just creating a nice shape.

“When a product’s function is good as it is, but just needs a new appearance, or when our clients purchase products from different suppliers, it can be enough to only do product styling,” says Zou. “By making minimal changes, play with colours and add-ons, we create a coherent product line, while leaving the inner components untouched. This way we create added value to products with minimal investment and a short lead-time. It’s a great solution for companies starting to build their own brand.”

Photo: Ada Zou, Sales Manager, Orange Creatives