That’s super, captain!

Super Captain stood out at CE China with eye-opening VR attractions. 

With a major Virtual Reality section for the first time this year at CE China, Super Captain was present with among others, the “Super No. 1” 720° rotation experience – giving a strong sensation of weightlessness. 

Apple Feng, Senior Project Manager told CE China that the company is a technological entertainment operator based on AR/VR technology and a comprehensive enterprise which includes technological entertainment physical stores operation, integrated solutions for various applications, content distribution and marketing services. 

The Guangzhou-based firm has a solid R&D base for both software and hardware development, supply chain management, and production base, with what they describe as leading brand marketing and operations management. 

Super Captain is an important partner of VR/AR related enterprises from around the world.

Photo: The Super Captain attraction drew crowds at CE China 2019