EDITORIAL: We’re Back… in Shenzhen – but Why Shenzhen?

While a number of events take place in China’s traditional “key” cities of Shanghai and Beijing, Messe Berlin’s choice, last year, of Shenzhen for the CE China trade show was no doubt a very wise one.

The city has seen massive growth over the past three decades. Indeed, just over 35 years ago it was just a little fishing village near Hong Kong. Then the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping had the idea of designating the city as the country’s first Special Economic Zone, opening up the region to foreign investment and capitalism.

Today, Shenzhen is not only the electronics capital of China, hosting countless key manufacturers, but it’s also quite simply a key business hub. It’s a tech start-up dream, with easy to find manufacturers, cheap labour and shipping, and modern office facilities.

As China’s very first nationally recognised “City of Innovation”, Shenzhen has 4,700 nationally rated hi-tech companies, which is 49% of the national total. More than 60% of Shenzhen’s hi-tech products come with proprietary intellectual property rights. According to recent research, overall investment in Research and Development here amounted to over 4% percent of regional GDP and the city was N°1 in a recent Forbes ranking of mainland China’s most innovative cites.

In addition to this, the local government has been very active in working with Messe Berlin on the idea of making this south-eastern Chinese metropolis even more a “centre of global excellence and exchange” for all the different industries that make up the technical consumer goods sector.

We are convinced that this combination of talents and resources will result in great things for the future and look forward to seeing you at CE China’s second edition!