Vive CE China! HTC Keynote Sets “Virtual” Tone of Shenzhen Show

Kevin Leung, General Manager of Vive Shenzhen, Director of Vive X, Shenzhen & Tel Aviv, is confirmed as the first keynote speaker for the opening day of CE China on 4 May, 2017, when he will speak about the “VR’s 2nd Year Ecosystem Expansion“.

What are the challenge and opportunity of VR’s 2nd year? And how Vive expands VR ecosystem through 3V X 3E strategy, which includes Vive, Viveport, Vive Studios, Vive X, IVRA, IVRI, VRVCA, Entertainment, Enterprise and Education?

The Vive ecosystem consists of Viveport, the app store for virtual reality; the funding program Vive X, which supports promising business ideas in the fields of virtual and augmented reality; and the upcoming Vive tracker, which makes it possible to transmit real objects into virtual reality. 

CE China Keynotes are free of charge to all trade visitors, CE China exhibitors and press.