BSH Celebrates 20 Years in China

The prestigious German brand continues to expand in the local market

BSH is back at CE China for its second year. We asked Roland Gerke, Chairman & President of BSH Home Appliances Holding (China) Co., Ltd. what the results of his company’s participation in last year’s show were like, and why he feels it’s important to be here…

Last year, we launched our built- in kitchen appliances, Home Connect enabled appliances and other high-end consumer products at CE China. We also showcased a modern and healthy lifestyle and a truly connected home solution to media friends and consumers and got very positive feedbacks. CE China is a great platform for BSH because we can get the chance to showcase our new products while listening to the consumers’ feedback, especially consumers from the southern region of China.

How could you best describe the “roadmap” for BSH in China?

This year marks the 20th anniversary of BSH China. We see our development path as paved by endless product development, continuous breakthroughs in technology, intelligence upgrades and channel innovation — all under our consumer centricity strategy. At the very beginning, we started by producing only one product – the Siemens single-door refrigerator. Today, we manufacture products across all categories including refrigerators, washing and drying, cooking appliances, dishwashers and small consumer products.
Technology innovations such as hyperFresh technology, “Zeolite” drying system and smart home appliances solution of Home Connect ecosystem are all great milestones of BSH technology development as well as signatures of popular products.
Last year, we started building our Greater China new R&D center which is the first one

outside Europe. The new R&D center not only shows BSH’s continuous commitment to the China market but also allows us to expand our existing R&D capabilities to meet the needs of local consumers.
For intelligent products, BSH China has developed Home Connect products based on our deep understanding of Chinese consumers’ demands and habits since 2016. Now we released a full range of Home Connect products. By the end of 2017, 90% of our Home Connect products in China will be locally developed and produced.
BSH has been pushing forward its integration of online and offline sales channels. On the one hand, BSH cooperates with online retailers like Tmall, Suning, and JD to promote product sales and marketing activities. On the other hand, BSH opens brand stores in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai to enable consumers to experience seamless shopping journey, innovative home appliances and brands’ core concepts.

It appears that Chinese customers love “high end” European brands. Why so?

As we all know, China has gone through prosperous economic development. And it is now faced with massive consumption upgrade. Chinese consumers have great purchasing power for high-end products and increasing awareness of high- tech, high-quality, well-designed products, and good brands.

For home appliances products, BSH’s brands gain Chinese customers’ favor through cutting-edge technology, brilliant design, outstanding quality and great service. And

due to ef cient cost control, the prices of our products are widely accepted in the market.
More importantly, the consumer- centric approach is the guiding principle for our development, and we always listen to consumer needs. BSH is also committed to local R&D and the optimization of our products to provide more Chinese families with quality and customized home solutions. For example: Siemens Hurricane series cook hoods are designed for heavy smoke cooking, and the automatic dishwashers with 5D spray systems for containing various kitchen utensils of Chinese families.



Last year you had a lot of “live” (real life) cooking demonstrations. What’s in store this year?

As usual we will have live cooking show in both booths this time as well. Food plays an important role in Chinese culture. It connects people and brings the family together. We think delicious dishes and exquisite food placement can convey the brands’ core concepts in a direct and sensory way. We can also get consumers’ feedbacks and suggestions during all the interesting interactions.