BSH Hausgeräte GmbH closed the 2016 fiscal year with a new revenue record of €13.1bn. While the market for home appliances grew by 0.5% worldwide, BSH was able to achieve growth of 3.5% (7.1% adjusted for currency effects).

Revenue performance in the region Asia-Paci c was especially positive. In particular, the strong growth in demand for home appliances in the heavily populated Indian market provided a boost in revenue of 9.3% (7.7% in euros). The region Greater China (China-Hong Kong-Taiwan) grew by more than 7.7% (1.6% in euros). This success is closely linked to the strategic course set by BSH, as well as regionalisation and digitalisation: In China alone, BSH was able to grow its revenue with dishwashers by 43% in the local currency last year. On November 11, 2016, a day known as “Singles’ Day” in China, BSH increased its online revenue last scal year by 58% and, on this day alone, received new orders worth a total of 170 million euros. Expenditures for research and development represented 4.4% of revenue in 2016. This led to the establishment of the new, globally active technology center in Bangalore, India. Activities in Nanjing, China were also significantly expanded.

STANDS 2A05 & 2A08