According to Dong Mingzhu, Chairperson of Gree Electric Appliances, “An enterprise cannot rely on the changes brought by surroundings, but should have the courage to change the world.”

The development history of Gree is said to be a history of innovation. Dedicated to technological R&D, Gree has achieved 13 world-leading technologies and received the highest national honour in the field of science and technology for three times within four years. Gree’s inverter technology, two-stage compression technology, photovoltaic air conditioner, ice storage system and other technologies and products have repeatedly broken industry records.

Dong Mingzhu believes that a company shall not only be good at adapting itself to the times and meeting market demands, but also creating market demand and exploring consumer demands that are not known by consumer themselves.

Gree’s Comprehensive Quality Control Mode – T9 Management System takes into account the general quality status of the Chinese manufacturing industry, the quality management theories from home and abroad and its own practice based on its innovation culture “Independent Innovation, Self-surpassing”. The core of this management system is known as the D-CTFP quality innovation drive circle: customer requirement drive (C) ->test technology inspiration (T) ->failure mechanism research (F) ->Process system optimization (P).

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