Techcode Brings Global Start-ups to China

Focusing on incubator operations management and dynamic growth of science and technology entrepreneurs, Techcode is dedicated to becoming the No.1 brand in global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Techcode has established incubation systems in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang and Jiashan, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Berlin to provide innovators with a global entrepreneurial network. The integration of global innovation resources aims at providing comprehensive service for entrepreneurs.

Two years after its establishment, Techcode had incubated 534 start-ups, financing them with 1.71 billion yuan. The company has reached a market value of 37.5 billion yuan with nearly 1,000 patents and more than 3,000 employees.

Techcode improves the possibility of entrepreneurial success and accelerates business growth. The average product market cycle of start-ups is shortened to 5 months and the average valuation rises by 2.5 times when start-ups join Techcode. Additionally, Techcode works with strategic partners to integrate their respective advantages in campus construction and incubator operation, as well as help innovative enterprises achieve industrialized development and promote balanced regional economies.

Novel interactions and combined efforts in industrial, academic, political, economic and R&D elds facilitate innovative talent growth and resource acquisitions for a win-win situation. International resources, global vision and local insight are combined to help regional economies go global.

The more frequent innovation and entrepreneurship occur in a region, the more important they are for the eco- system. And when one expands this viewpoint to the whole world and views innovation and entrepreneurship through a global perspective, one can see how exciting a real “ at world” might be. It’s not possible to sit still and ignore this trend and the opportunities for innovation entrepreneurship in an era of globalisation, so “Techcode Start-ups Nation” has now been launched.