Chinese smartphone makers account for one third of global shipments – Huawei N°1

According to a recent report by Counterpoint, global shipments of smartphones in 2016 reached nearly 1.5 billion units. Chinese vendors shipped a total of 465 million units, accounting for nearly one third of global shipments. Huawei was the top Chinese smartphone maker in terms of shipments, followed by Oppo and Vivo. These three vendors shipped a combined 300 million units globally.

Chinese smartphone makers are increasingly in the spotlight thanks to their rapidly expanding global presence. In recent years, as competition in the domestic market heated up, Chinese vendors started to look for growth drivers in overseas markets. Huawei, Oppo and Vivo have been the three best performers in the global push.

Huawei’s globalisation strategy and execution are leading the pack. The company started to explore overseas markets early, investing in sales channels, patents and marketing to clear away potential obstacles to the launch of its flagship products, and now this is paying off.