Foreign Exchange – Of the Intellectual Kind

The creation of CE China last year has resulted in a business platform of the most valuable variety. As Dr Göke – CEO of Messe Berlin (founder of the event) so rightly pointed out in discussions leading up to this year’s show, the secret lies in seeking and nding the right contacts – and developing trust.

On a broad scale, this can best be done at a show such as this. Indeed, what makes this show different is the extraordinary ties that have already been forged between Messe Berlin and Suning, the huge retail group, whose leaders have announced the intention to expand on the partnership in the next three years, taking it to even dizzier heights. It’s truly the promotion of foreign exchange… of the intellectual (and business) kind! And it all kicked off with a (highly) convivial gala on the eve of the show’s opening yesterday.

Goeke at Gala

Dr Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin welcomes guests at the opening gala