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Suning – the key partner of CE China – plots a bright course for the future

As one of the global events of the world’s largest consumer electronics show – IFA, CE China is gathering cutting-edge technologies, products and services from different countries including China – making a crucial contribution to the development of China’s in uence in Asia in the elds of consumer electronics retail and manufacturing. As the Premium Partner of CE China, Suning.com not only supports the preparatory work but also assists in inviting top-line domestic appliance and 3C suppliers with cutting-edge technology products to the exhibition. We asked Weimin Sun, Vice Chairman of the Board, Suning to tell us more…

As part of global events of IFA Berlin, CE China is of cardinal significance for China. As Suning’s big data shows, with the improvement of living standards, users gradually began to bid farewell to some consumption habits of buying cheap products of small brands and appliances on “special offer”. Products whicharepersonalisedwith better quality and cutting- edge technology are more and more favoured by consumers. At the same time, domestic suppliers are developing excellent products with better quality.

As the largest commercial retailer in China, Suning.com shoulders the responsibility of “Leading the industrial advancements in creating a higher quality of life for all.” Because of this, Suning.com and CE China conducted in-depth cooperation – as the only chief partner to help the organisers to introduce CE China into China. During this exhibition, both parties will sign a three-year strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the two sides will join hands to introduce global cutting- edge technologies, products and services in fields of smart home, UAV, virtual reality, intelligent health, technology innovation, etc. and bring Chinese consumers more intelligent and high-quality life experience.

Your group is expanding – and increasing global promotion – for example with branches in the US and your investment in the Inter Milan soccer team. Please tell us more.

As early as 2009, Suning successively acquired Japan Laox and Hong Kong Citicall, which opened its international chain expansion. After years of exploration, in 2015, Suning formed its unique Internet- based blueprint of “One Body, Two Wings, Three Clouds and Four User Interfaces” and speeded up its international strategies. Suning’s overseas investment strategy is to deeply integrate the international IP and resources with the Chinese market so as to introduce international resources to China and form an in-depth connection with users. The acquisition of Inter Milan is a practice of the strategy. Through the investment of Inter, on the one hand, Suning formed its own brand position in Europe and on the other, established contact with a large number of European suppliers and introduced excellent local products from France, Italy and other European countries to China.

What is the “roadmap” for Suning for the next years?

In 2011, Suning put forward a new- decade development plan and so far, it has been forging ahead steadily. Suning’s goal is to tap into unexplored areas of Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets and large-scale county, village and town- level markets.


In 2016, with an annual revenue of 350.288 billion RMB, Suning Holdings Group ranked the second place of the top 500 non- public owned enterprises in China. Suning’s of ine chain layout covered over 600 cities at home and abroad with nearly 4,000 self-operated stores and service stations of Suning Cloud Store, Suning Life Plaza, Suning Community Store, Suning Direct Store, Suning Supermarket and Redbaby Store. Suning.com, its online platform, now ranks as the top three Chinese B2C platforms though self-operation, opening up and cross-platform operation. Looking forward, Suning will further innovate tirelessly to become a “High- tech, Smart Services” International conglomerate with diversified new businesses with the vision of “Global Suning Built to Last” and the operation philosophy of “Shared Capabilities, Linked Resources, Platform Building and Win-win Cooperation”, Suning will join hands with partners from various fields for global markets exploration. Suning’s vision is to become a renowned global brand leader to serve a world- wide population, with sales volume exceeding US$200bn (one trillion Yuan) by 2020.