Taking it From the Top…

Two brief questions – to Jens Heithecker – Chairman and General Manager of CE China

Why Shenzhen?

It’s always a mixture of political considerations, support given by the local government, of availability of hall slots and at the same time you need a place that is easily accessible. And Guangdong province is one of the Chinese tech scene and many major manufacturers are based here. Therefore, we found it convenient, given the support of the political of ces we decided to position the show here.

How are trade and cultural ties developing between Europe/Berlin and China/Shenzhen?

As soon as you bring people to meet each other, relationships will be formed, there will be new ties, and people will get to know each other better. This is always the basis of business. You rst have to get to know someone in order to win their trust. This is the key function of the trade show, and this is why the trade show, as a concept, will never disappear from the market. It’s a communication chain and channel that has a golden future. The more connected, the more digitalised, the more complex our daily life becomes, the higher the need for trust in these complex relationships will be… and we are a trust provider