6voices Launches World’s First Voice-based Assistant for Meetings

The biggest headache at work often comes from the running of meetings, Mia, a virtual assistant app developed by Berlin-based 6voices, is the solution. Users can simply dictate notes to her and assign tasks. Mia is designed for voice-first and assists users in note taking and task tracking. One can talk to Mia, just saying: “Ok Mia”, and Mia will write down all remarks, decisions, to-dos, or follow-ups. Meetings are then made searchable like emails. Mia analyses the time usage and collects feedback to help improve meetings.

The app targets digital leaders, project managers and people who want to have better meetings. Mia is now available for iPhone users in English and German.

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Photo: 6voices co-founders Till Schmid, Christian Rebernik and Rowanto Rowanto (l. to r.)