Clever Ideas for the Smart Home

Midea’s Smart Home concept is the Chinese manufacturer’s key topic at CE China. We asked their Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Sophie Shao, to give us the “run down”.

We are presenting our connected products which we have made available for the China market, including air conditioners, air purifiers, and fans. Consumers can control these products through either our app or our smart voice control box. We are not only providing connected home appliances, but also total smart solutions including both hardware and software which enables smart home solutions including a control system and security system.

What are the sweet spots for you in terms of product categories – and what are the key trends?

The sweet spot is always what the consumer needs and we can now fulfil these needs. The key trend is “all about me/we”. No matter what type of technology, consumers only look at products and ask: “What does this do for me?” So we can not only make our customers’ lives more convenient but also enrich their experience.

How is Midea’s global expansion coming along?

After nearly 50 years of continued growth, Midea now generates annual global revenue of more than US$24bn. We are proud to be the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer. Through this show, we are looking forward to engaging with our business partners in Southern Asian markets to bring more and more of Midea’s products to local consumers in these markets.

What are your thoughts about Messe Berlin creating this show in Shenzhen?

It could be a great platform not only for China’s local consumers to experience new innovations from international brands, but also for manufacturers to engage with Southern Asian trade partners for business development. Maybe one day the CE China show could simply become a Southern Asian show!