Bosch HA Showcases Healthy Lifestyle Solutions at CE China 2017

Bosch Home Appliances showcased its cutting-edge healthy lifestyle solutions at this second edition of CE China.

Bosch HA exhibited the Bosch VitaFresh, a side-by-side refrigerator series equipped with technology to keep food fresh for 15 days, using’s livestream service platform for the first time. During the show, Bosch HA demonstrated an array of healthy lifestyle solutions for healthy food, noise control, cleanliness and with smart functions, all aimed at creating a fun and enjoyable lifestyle

During the livestream, the spotlight was on the Bosch VitaFresh side-by-side refrigerator with new VitaFreshPlus technology where it was unsealed for the first time in 15 days. When it was opened, the audience was amazed to see incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables – and even a crab that was still as fresh as it was 15 days before.

Wang Weiqing, vice president and CSO of BSH Home Appliances (China), said, “Today we are demonstrating to Chinese consumers the amazing possibilities for fresh food offered by the VitaFresh refrigerator. Bosch HA continues to make products that support healthy living and enable more families to know the value of a healthy lifestyle.”

Sun Weimin, Vice Chairman of Suning Commerce Group added, “Our sales data shows that consumers are increasingly willing to buy higher quality products in order to enjoy a healthier and more personalized lifestyle. This aligns with Bosch HA’s Healthy Living concept. Together, I hope we can jointly bring consumers health-oriented products that highlight O2O integration in a variety of scenarios.”

Also at the pavilion, “Star Chef” and long-term partner of Bosch HA, Jereme Leung, prepared delicious food using fresh ingredients. Mr. Leung is a strong supporter of Bosch HA’s Healthy Lifestyle concept and says that food freshness is essential to healthy food. Great food is more than good taste, and it is fresh food that helps create a healthy lifestyle.

Bosch HA also presented a full range of healthy lifestyle solutions at the show, including washing machines with “Active Oxygen” technology, BLDC exhaust hoods, multifunctional food processors, vacuum cleaners, as well as locally developed Home Connect smart washing machines and refrigerators. With healthy dining solutions, noise-reducing products, cleaning technology and smart operations, Bosch HA covers all aspects of daily life, leveraging innovative technologies to enable more families to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.