Easy Cooker: Star of Tatung Booth

In keeping with its tradition of providing smart technological solutions to home and industry, Tatung presented its award-winning Fusion Cooker during the CE China show.

Released late last year globally, the Tatung Easy Cooker combines a skillet and a waterless pot into one appliance. They share a single control panel that allows adjustment of cooking time and temperature by the end user.

The Easy (or Fusion) Cooker won the 2016 German IF Award Design and it consists of a three-liter waterless pot with the appliance. It cooks food without the use of additional water; natural juices from the cooking foods steam heating. A nine-inch skillet allows for frying, grilling, sautéing and more. An airtight lid fits tightly, helping to trap moisture that cooks the foods more quickly. An additional glass lid provided with the cooker allows the user to keep an eye on foods cooking when using the waterless pot; perfect for making shabu shabu/hot pot.

Both the pot and grill are lined with an advanced non-stick coating to prevent foods from sticking to the surfaces as they cook. An added benefit of the Fusion Cooker is that it is energy-efficient and takes up very little counter space when in use.

PHOTO – TOP OF PAGE: Tatung Sales Manager Maggie Chang presents the Easy Cooker at CE China.