Midea Unveils New Smart Home Solution at CE China 

Midea unveiled its new Smart Home solution with connected home appliances at CE exhibition 2017.

These state-of-the-art appliances from Midea are now available in China and will open business opportunities in other markets across the world, including in the ASEAN region and in India. Many of Midea’s trading partners and local retailers from these markets attended CE China as the new product portfolio was showcased.

Midea claims the key benefits of its smart home appliances include the significant convenience for consumers and how simple the appliances are to manage – particularly with a centralised control system – as well as the enhanced safety features and affordability.

Midea_3Also on display at CE China were Midea’s M-Smart air conditioner with somatosensory control and security system, the fashion designed and connected air purifier, the smart refrigerator equipped with double 21.5” HD smart touch screen, the IH rice cooker and the latest combo washing matching with multi functions.


Midea’s latest rice-cookers on display at CE China

Visitors at Midea’s booth were welcomed by Midea’s dancing robot, a symbol of the intelligence of the company’s product and manufacturing innovation.

Ziqiang Hu, Chief Technology Offer of Midea Group said, “Technology & Innovation never stand still, so it is essential that Midea keep driving ahead to remain globally competitive with a substantial increase in our R&D investment and a deep understanding of consumer needs for a smarter home environment with appliances that are more relevant to their lives.”

Midea_4In the past five years, Midea has invested RMB20 billion into research and development, including the establishment of 17 research centres in eight countries. More than 10,000 employees are now directly involved in R&D and Midea Group now has more than 26,000 authorised patents. Last year alone, the group applied for 13,546 patents and 5,562 invention patents.