WRAP-UP – CE China 2017 Rides a Wave of Success

CE China provided the foundation for clever ideas to flourish and for creating new business.

With more than 120 exhibiting companies and a display area of 15.000 sqm, CE China was a huge success, welcoming 11,500 attendees, whereof 8,600 are trade visitors. The trade visitor increase of 6% at the second edition of the show demonstrates once more that CE China is moving full steam ahead.

“The foundation of CE China on the same solid backbone as IFA Berlin gives the show a unique proposition, setting it apart from all others, and creates a veritable source for business”, said Jens Heithecker, CE China Chairman and IFA Executive Director.

Meanwhile, the CE China Forum, organised by IDG Group, presented latest news on User Experience and Product Design Innovation. The forum emphasized “The Rising of DX Economy – Digital Transformation of Chinese Consumers” and shared IDG´s latest studies and insights on China´s consumer electronics development trends.

Orient Zhu, Vice President International Data Group (IDG), China:” We believe CE China will soon be the biggest exhibition for consumer electronics and household appliance brands in Asia, attracting more foreign companies to enter into the Chinese market and becoming the best platform for Chinese buyers and brands to show their innovations to the world”.


Carrera – Antonio Raffaele, Director Exports Aquarius Germany

“Our experience with the quality of CE China was A-class. It was especially positive that we have built promising connections to Chinese retailers such as Suning.”

Golden Right Co., Ltd. – Taylor Fang, CEO

“CE China is an international trade show with high quality and professional organization. It offers an exceptional opportunity to meet with large wholesale dealers, which I think is perfect for us. We will definitely come again next year!”

Hangzhou Amy Robotics Co., Ltd – Bill Li, CEO

“Amy Robotics strives to make the best middle to high-end home service robots. Amy also provides tailor-made technological solutions to different industries such as finance, medicine and elderly caring. CE China is a great platform to showcase edge-cutting technologies for companies like Amy, which has developed its core products and has put them into mass production. We take CE China as a very effective way to connect with our targeted industries and markets.”

CE China Keynotes: Promoting Thought Leadership in China’s Silicon Valley 

For the first time, CE China presented an exclusive keynote program. On the first day, 4 leading executives from BSH, HTC Vive, TMall/ Alibaba and Huawei provided deep insights into current and future trends in the industry.

Christof Jaeger, Senior Vice President BSH Regional Marketing Officer Greater China, discussed changing perspectives on brands: “In China, brands have been extremely important in the past and will be even more so in the future“, he said.

Kevin Leung, General Manager of HTC Vive Shenzhen and Director of Vive X in Shenzhen and Tel Aviv, stated that VR technology will grow beyond its established fields: “VR is more than just gaming; it is the next computing platform. We see that education will be key driver for VR.”

Jing Yin, President of Tmall Home BG, presented the companies plan to support brands. “We´ll incubate five to ten industries in the next 3 years, each of which will be able to generate a turnover of around ten billion yuan,” he explained.

Changzhu Li, Vice President of Headset Business of Huawei, gave an outlook on Huawei’s approach to boosting smart technology acceptance by consumers: “We have developed solutions on how to build an ecosystem for mobile devices and wearables and how to make it work and create value for the consumers.”

Techcode brings global Start-ups to China

Techcode partnered with CE China by bringing 30 start-ups, launching the new star-up area Connect@CEChina.

“It’s not possible to sit still and ignore this trend and the opportunities for innovation entrepreneurship in an era of globalization, so the “Techcode Start-ups Nation” has now been launched”, stated Erica Huang, CEO Techcode.

Focusing on incubator operations management and dynamic growth of science and technology entrepreneurs, Techcode is dedicated to becoming the No.1 brand in global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Two years after its establishment, Techcode had incubated 534 start-ups, financing them with 1.71 billion yuan. The company has reached a market value of 37.5 billion yuan with nearly 1,000 patents and more than 3,000 employees.

Techcode has established incubation systems in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang and Jiashan, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Berlin to provide innovators with a global entrepreneurial network.