Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance Trends in 2018

CE China this year again will be presenting trends that will inspire millions of customers’ shopping decisions as well as innovations that go far beyond today’s horizons.
Wireless loudspeakers with voice control were already booming last year. In the upcoming months, voice assistants will be found in many other types of devices as well. TVs, sound systems, sound-bars, and even headphones with integrated voice control will be among the most exciting new products this year. The number of devices available with voice control is just as large. Many household devices already react to the spoken word, and even lighting or air-conditioning systems in smart homes will obey voice commands in the future.
Exciting innovations of a completely different kind are to be found among mobile devices. The latest generation of smartphones has particularly amazing camera features. Optical systems with two or even three lenses provide incredible picture quality and can even capture distant subjects or twilight scenes.


Trade visitors and consumers visiting the show will be impressed by the industry’s high performance and innovation again this year.
Increased connectivity in appliances continues to stand out as a development feature, leading to ever smarter, more versatile products. The functionality of connected devices, already quite high, will be enhanced even more this year. This is because of two overriding trends in the home appliance industry in general: voice control and artificial intelligence (AI). Both are appearing more and more in major and small domestic appliances, making them more versatile, more efficient, smarter, and more userfriendly.

With their high technical standard and innovative and comprehensive functionality, domestic appliances have in many cases long taken over the role of a personal assistant of sorts. The connectivity they need to communicate with smart applications has increasingly become part of the world of major and small domestic appliances. Connected appliances can exchange information with one another, record personal habits, and make and implement suggestions for improvement or optimization. That means that connected appliances save the user time, capacity and resources. They also provide many tips, such as for saving energy, caring for laundry, or new recipes and preparation methods. You’ll get the chance to see “all the latest” at this year’s CE China show!