Gypi Makes Inroads to Asia

Exclusive Interview – Vladan and Daniel Rojnik – joint managers – Gypi SPRL

Based in Brussels, Belgium, GYPI SPRL was founded in 1989 to facilitate group purchases for our various affiliates. We spoke to Vladan and Daniel Rojnik about their company’s aspirations in Asia.

Today, Gypi is primarily a European distributor of branded consumer electronics, and also, we started around ten years ago exporting to other areas all over the world – in Asia, the USA, the Middle East and so on. We have good sources for all kinds of consumer electronics products. Three years ago, we also started exporting to China, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. We exhibited at CE China in 2016, and are back in 2018. The main target is to increase our cooperation and exports in Asia, mainly to internet shops, supermarket chains and so on, supplying them with consumer electronics. We already work in China; we started working in China around a year and a half ago, as well as Japan, and more recently Singapore. We have ten or twelve different customers already in the region, and are looking to grow that thanks to contacts this year at CE China.

What kinds of electronics are you mainly dealing with?

Mainly home electronics and kitchen appliances. Not AV, except some high-level products like Sennheiser, JBL etc. Today the highest volume is mainly focussed in the fields of health care, kitchen appliances, kitchen robots, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Do you have any “star products” that you distribute?

To be honest, we mainly work on request. Our customers will say, “I want this brand, this product and this quantity”. That’s how we are working in the Asian markets. They ask us for different products and we check what we can offer. Consequently, we don’t have any “star products” or best seller products. Models and assortments are also changing all the time. What is important is that we don’t offer refurbished products, end-of-life products or damaged products. All the products are really brand new, coming from the main producers in the industry. It’s not a stocklots business or one-shots. We organise regular deliveries, of course depending on availability, as we can get shortages on some products as can happen anywhere. It’s brand new products, quickly available – let’s say within one to two weeks maximum, and we are also able to make forecasts. We have a number of customers for whom we do forecasts for the coming months.

Could we say you are a kind of “catalyst” between the Asian buyers and European manufacturers?

We are kind of like a centralised European purchasing office. We also work with a very broad variety of products – not only consumer electronics, such as suit cases, luxury products etc. Of course, our organisation is made and works 90% in CE, but we also have sources and contacts in other product categories. We can even buy cosmetics! It’s not a daily business for us, but we are able to supply any kinds of products except for fresh foodstuffs.