Consumer Centricity, Digitalisation & Localisation

BSH develops new categories and new functionality in home appliances in Asia

BSH is back at CE China for its third year. We asked Roland Gerke, Chairman & President of BSH Home Appliances Holding (China) Co., Ltd. what the key elements are for his company’s success in this market.

BSH Region Greater China was particularly outstanding with an 18% jump in revenue including categories of refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. BSH has been driven by the strategy of consumer centricity, digitalisation as well as localisation. BSH actively expands online and offline distribution channels and enhances customer service experiences to meet their demands while being committed to develop premium products.


What are the “sweet spots” in the China market? What product categories are shining?

The “sweet spots” of traditional home appliances are new products, new categories development and new function upgrades. The market growth points focus on new categories like dishwasher and oven. Traditional appliances like refrigerator and washing machine also shine in growth points, such as dryer and washer-dryer. BSH’s main products and advantages are premium appliances such as multidoor refrigerator, dishwasher and dryer. With the intensifying trend of consumption upgrade in China, BSH has high expectations on emerging categories like dishwasher and oven.

This is the third year BSH is one of the biggest exhibitors at CE China. What are your results like from this show, and how do you see its future?

As a premier trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, CE China integrates retail trade to bridge the gap between manufacturers and customers. This great opportunity allows BSH to engage in networking and collaboration activities with both Chinese retailers and customers.
Though participating in CE China, BSH would like to bring its premium products, advanced technologies as well as the concept of Healthy Living to public while delivering higher quality and healthy modern home life to more Chinese customers.
We believe there will be more manufacturers and brands to get mutual communication, learning and interactions with customers by leveraging the platform of CE China.

What are the highlights of your stand this year?

Bosch HA introduced Bosch VitaFreshpro multi-door refrigerator with our powerful Vita FreshPro technology. This new product will bring customers with brand-new experience of freshness by providing the food with accurate storage temperature and humidity.
In addition, our washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner bring an overall experience of Clean to visitors. All categories of our products with the function of Home Connect show the visitors with a healthy and smart modern home life scene. We would like to highlight our theme of Simply Healthy, Simply Goodness to the visitors.
Bosch HA has collaborated with live streaming platform on Suning. com by connecting the exhibition in Shenzhen and our store in Nanjing Suning to interact and discuss on Healthy Living topic with customers.

China is by far the biggest adopter of smart products. Why so? And how are you meeting this demand?

There is a good foundation of internet ecological environment in China. The level and structure of consumers is changing, especially the new generation of consumers have broader perspectives and prefer on smart home appliances.
BSH Home Appliances Group started researching and developing smart home solutions in 2007. Since that time, BSH has been among the first home appliances companies in the world to invest in the development of smart home solutions.
Home Connect is an open source platform, and is the first solution in the world that allows users to control a variety of home appliances and brands through a single app. The app has now evolved from version 1.0 to version 2.0, which features more advanced capabilities. BSH is on track to proactively cooperate with global and local partners – including Google Nest and Alibaba – to nurture the ecosystem and provide more customer-tailored smart home offerings.
At present, the full range of BSH home appliances have been enabled with “Home Connect”. Based on its world-leading expertise and technological know-how, BSH is providing fully localised Home Connect functionality to Chinese consumers, with extra care on data security and sensitivity.

Photo: Roland Gerke – Chairman & President, BSH Home Appliances Holding (China) Co., Ltd.