A Key Partner

IDG China and the CE China show: a close cooperation

IDG China has been a key partner of the CE China show since its inception. We asked Vice-President Orient Zhu to tell us more about the background to this cooperation.

IFA is the largest electronics fair in Germany currently, in which international major brands will exhibit their latest scientific and technological innovations and it thus incurs great attention from all over the world. Each year, IDG holds nearly 700 international meetings in 67 countries. Since 2010, IDG has been an annually positive participant involved in the IFA Global Press Conference. The inception of its official cooperation with the organisers of IFA dates back to 2014. In that year, IDG established the “Technical Innovation Award (TI Award)”, together with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, aiming to make publicity for IFA exhibitors such as Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Haier, Midea, ZTE, Grundig, Miele, CEC (Great Wall Computer), Changhong, Galanz, Hisense, Philips and DJI. More importantly, IDG and IFA share an optimistic attitude towards the future development of China’s consumer electronics market, and that’s how we reached a pleasant agreement to work together on CE China.

What are your latest studies showing about the way Chinese buyers perceive European and other foreign products in this sector?

Well, this can be analysed from two aspects. First, the technology innovation and brand effect of foreign manufacturers are well recognised in China.


For example, Midea’s acquisition of KUKA is accompanied with the successful occupation of the domestic market by means of KUKA’s world-leading robotics business. Foxconn, working with Sharp and Nokia, has been able to achieve an obvious increase in sales of its own branded products, leading to the growth of group profit margins. On the other hand, China has overwhelming advantages in the supply chain, with a competitive capacity of transforming products into end results swiftly and delivering them to the whole world at the right price. Besides this, China’s consumer electronics market has already surpassed the US markets since 2013 to become the largest consumer electronics market in the world, which results in the fact that now domestic buyer groups do not just focus on product purchasing and distribution. Instead, they prefer cooperation since the beginning and power-and-power combination.

What activities are you undertaking or promoting at CE China this year?

Since CE China entered China in 2016, IDG has been planning industry forums and making publicity strategies to promote CE China every year, and this year is no exception.
This year, we will be more focused on CBD, industrial park, and other related offline fields to perform oriented advertising. Meanwhile, IDG is making use of its own database and new media resources to expand the influence of CE China. In the future, we even plan to hold an international consumer electronics leading summit during the period of IFA.

Why do you believe CE China will increase in its success rating, and what is your vision for the future of the show?

There are two reasons as follows. Firstly, as one of the largest global activities accompanying IFA, CE China creates a communicating platform for international exhibitors, domestic retailers and consumers. Exhibitors can realise their goal of increasing product sales in China and other Asian regions through the communication and exhibition of new products. Secondly, CE China is not merely a technology or export exhibition. It emphasises international brands, the products themselves and the consumer demand, which means it plays a significant role in accelerating China’s consumer electronics brands to step into global markets and overseas brands into China. It is believed that the organisers, IFA, and IDG, will make joint efforts to construct CE China as the No.1 platform to bring together exhibitors, retailers and consumers in China in the future.

Photo: Orient Zhu – Vice-President, IDG China