CE China Daily – Day 3 Edition

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China: On The Cutting Edge

Virtually all the conference sessions at the recent IFA Global Press Conference in Rome echoed and chanted the same thing: “China leads the world in the adoption of new tech ideas”. In all fields of technical consumer goods, and indeed in the retail environment, nowhere else in the world is the buying public more “new tech friendly” than China. In the streets, on the metro or at home, the Chinese consumer seems totally at ease with smart home, smart this, smart that… in fact one might say that China has become a smart, smart, smart, smart world in its own right. So where better for the world’s innovators to place their smart wares on show than right here?

Now in its third year, it has to be said that the quality of innovations on show at CE China and the quality of the stands has taken a leap in the right direction. And our feedback so far from exhibitors regarding the value of their meetings and business agreements has been excellent. All the best for the last day of the show!