Yamazoki Meets Potential Chinese Partners @ CE China

Hot on the heels of an announcement that the brand is henceforth distributed in Iran, YAMAZOKi and their MOKTAK PRO are at CE China this year talking to potential partners in this part of the world.

YAMAZOKi is a German company founded in 2014, developing mobile Bluetooth speakers which fit perfectly into modern stylish life and ambiance. YAMAZOKi develops products with a pure focus on individual design, unique pleasure of music and high operator convenience, aiming to bring even more colour into everybody’s life. YAMAZOKi’s MOKTAK – mighty speakers like no other – portable, foldable, stylish and with stunning sound reproduction, connecting to all devices via Bluetooth – were originally launched in 2014, and immediately gained a lot of attention with the mobile and trendy younger generation, all around the globe. The unique design, influenced by the wooden percussion instruments of Buddhist monks, and the brilliant colours are eye-catching and have supported the international sales success in a very competitive market.

In September 2015, the MOKTAK Pro was unveiled during IFA show in Berlin, with the same stylish appeal but with clearly enhanced performance. Amazing stereo sound reproduced everywhere with impressive bass, on the go, during sports activities or in leisure times. The foldable speakers consist of two hemispheres which close to a well-protected ball via magnetic clips, easy to transport. The bendable bar between the two sound speakers serves as a handle.

“We want to activate more senses than just hearing”, said Thomas Ruff, Managing Director of German distribution agency Intepas, adding, “Through the remarkable design and pleasurable feel of the surface, for example, the MOKTAK Bluetooth Speaker activates the senses hearing, touch and sight. That’s the way the company has developed wireless, mobile speakers which are unique, high-quality, easy to handle, sexy, and that can be described by a single word: lifestyle!”

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Photo: Thomas Ruff – Managing Director, Intepas, demonstrating the MOKTAK Bluetooth speakers at CE China.