Belgium-Based Distributor Drives New Business Thanks to CE China

Two years ago, Brussels-based Gypi SPRL attended the first CE China event. This year, Daniel Rojnik, joint manager of Gypi SPRL, was at the show, accompanied by his brother, Vladan. We asked how the show went for them.

It’s the first time I’ve attended this IFA-backed event in China, as in the first year, it was my father, our CEO, who was here. For the moment, the contact is very interesting and I think this show will increase our business with contacts in China. I hope we will develop more and more collaboration with new clients or potential clients for the coming years.

It’s interesting, because you are the only European distributor with a booth at the show, and you’re importing and exporting. That must create quite a lot of interest among the Chinese manufacturers and also retailers…

Yes. The clients we have right now is the e-Commerce. The most important thing right now is that they have the authorisation from the brands to sell the brand in China, so we are growing up very fast. The Chinese business is very good for us, and we hope to make more and more.

Photo: Daniel Rojnik – Joint Manager of Gypi SPRL