CASO presents its Control App @ CE China 

The device control app for iOS and Android is a key differentiator for Caso, a German manufacturer presenting its wares at CE China.

The app allows users to control their Caso devices in the best possible way. An intelligent product control enables a variety of new possibilities and advantages. With the app, operating devices becomes more comfortable and handy, and the app comes with additional benefits such as automatic technical support. Technology leveraged for the app is based on a protected, safe and independent security system in Germany.


Caso Design is one of the first brands that addressed the fusion of the kitchen with the daily living spaces through mobile appliances. In recent years, they have continuously developed this basic idea and made it their mission to design products that positively affect one’s daily life: through strong functions, aesthetic shapes and simply good ideas.

Caso have entered many new areas and sustainably positioned themselves as an innovative brand. They succeed especially through the use of modern technologies, a consistent design strategy and intuitive operating concepts. All of these key notes are reflected back in their underlying themes. At CE China, distribution channel partners were able to discover modern, mobile induction hobs, multifunction devices and microwaves. The devices combine perfectly convection & grill and open up a new creative version of cooking.