LIFAair Leverages CE China to Reach their Key Market

We met with Eppu Makipaa, R&D manager, LIFAair, who explained that CE China has been a great platform for his company in China.

We have previously participated in the IFA show in Berlin. This was the first time we have been here in China. We have many products here specifically for consumers, such as personal masks, and air purifiers. I have to say that for Chinese people, this has been a very interesting experience. This is definitely the biggest market in the world for us.

How has the reaction been at the show?

I think, for some reason, the people here love Finland. They like the Finnish design, and know that the country is renowned for its clean air. This creates a combined association in their minds.

How has business been?

It’s looking good. Of course, most of the visitors are local, and we are already selling in a large number of local channels. But here, we have met a number of new retail contacts as well.

You’re happy with the show this year?

Yes, very, very happy.

Photo: Eppu Makipaa, R&D manager, LIFAair