Small Stand, Big Aspirations in Asia!

While their stand at CE China was small, the German Bluetooth speaker manufacturer, Yamazoki, had a constant stream of admirers during the CE China show. General Manager Saša Gvozdenović told us he hopes the local buyers will love the product just as much as the Europeans…

We’ve established the product very well in Germany and the rest of Europe, and the people who have seen the MOKTAK Pro there love the product. That’s why we decided to show the product to the Chinese people because we believe it’s the kind of product Chinese consumers will appreciate.

What has the reaction been like?

The reaction has been very, very good. We have had a constant stream of people looking at the product at our stand. All the people from China seem to love the product; but not only from China. There have been a number of decision-makers coming from Japan and even South America, who are asking for the product.

How would you describe this show?

It’s a brand show. We’re not a big A brand. We have just started working on that. We are an upcoming brand with good ideas. I have a very good feeling about this show. In a way, the show is like a start-up, because it’s not so big and it seems to be very new. The idea of a brand show is very new for China. Brands from Europe, Asia and the Americas can all take advantage of this. As the show is in cooperation with IFA Berlin, they bring their knowledge and contacts, but now the people in China have to learn that there is a brand show.

The Japanese must like it because of the name as well…

Yes. Two Japanese guys told me there is no word in Japanese like Yamazoki. There is, however Yamazaki. To them it’s like the surname Schmidt in Germany, or Brown in English. So, Yamazaki is like Schmidt. But that’s something we didn’t know before, because Yamazoki and Yamazaki sound very similar.

Photo: Saša Gvozdenović – General Manager, Yamazoki