A German brand in China for the long run

Severin is following the new retail trend in China, focusing on a strong retail presence in combination with selected premium offline listings. We asked Henning Lohmann, General Manager of Severin Asia, what the company’s star product categories are in China, and what we can see at their stand at CE China.

We are currently focusing on coffee, BBQ and fun food. 10 years ago, who would have thought that coffee would become so popular in China? But we will have some surprises up our sleeves as well. With our new products, we are clearly focusing on the premium segment in the market.

You have a long background working here in China. How important is that when planning future business?

China is a core market when it comes to innovations (e.g. ecommerce, delivery, on to offline shopping etc.) with very demanding customers that expect a lot from the brands they purchase. China is a very important market for us, and we are here with a long-term commitment and interest.

As a German manufacturer, we bring a lot of history and tradition to the table

For us, “long-term” is not just another buzz word but the actual essence of our business. As a German manufacturer, we bring a lot of history and tradition to the table. We aspire to be our customers partner in everyday life. We are part of friends and family – or so to speak “friends for life”. We strive to produce premium products and for that quality comes first and is of utmost importance.

Last year you gave a power briefing at the show. Will you be doing something similar this year?

We will do a power briefing again in this year’s show. We will use the platform for an awesome presentation of our newest product highlights.

Photo: Henning Lohmann, General Manager, Severin Asia