Canton Tower – “the landmark of Guangzhou”

Once the world’s tallest structure of its kind, Canton Tower stands at height of 600m. It is noted for its unique design by Dutch architect Mark Hemel, whose book “Supermodel, the making of the world’s tallest TV tower”, published in 2011, is a reference in the field. The tower, on the south bank of the Pearl River, is the best place from which to obtain an overall view of the city. The “488 lookout”, an outdoor observation deck, is the place to go for taking panoramic photos or breath-taking selfies. For thrill-seekers, try the Sky Drop – a 30-metre free-fall – starting at 485 metres – and reported to be the highest vertical free-fall in the world. Numerous other attractions can be seen at the tower, including the Engineering Marvel Tour Hall, the Star Observation Deck and the Cloud Observation Deck, and the “Spider Walk” – a spiral staircase around the tower with transparent glass steps. Not one for the faint-hearted.

Photo: Canton Tower, photo copyright: そらみみ