Sowing the Seeds in Japan

Japanese retail buyers come to CE China to keep up with market trends

Daisuke Kizaki, New Business Team Leader from Tsutaya Electronics, Japan is attending CE China for the first time. As team leader of an electronics store that opened in 2015, we started by asking him to tell us more about the store.

Tsutaya Electronics is a consumer electronics store that promotes changing lifestyles. In the store, products from all over the world are gathered. Many artworks are also on display to stimulate the customers’ sensibility. We are always looking for products with special features. The industry is evolving very fast and, as a result, stores are required to evolve further. This year, we are introducing a new advanced store platform, Tsutaya Electronics Plus.


Please can you tell us more about this new platform, Tsutaya Electronics Plus?

The business model has resulted in it becoming a showroom, within the store, where we display and promote products that are under development and pre-release products that are crowdfunded. This allows customers to come into contact with products that are in their very early stages. We are focusing on searching for seeds that will blossom, not products that will sell now.

What are the main goals of your visit?

China is the factory for the world, and it is producing very high quality products. Some manufacturers have changed production from Japan to China. Around the same time, a new trading platform called crowdfunding was born, and the time has come for everyone to become a manufacturer. The genres we are particularly interested in are 5G, IOT, mobility robots and health.

Photo: Daisuke Kizaki, New Business Team Leader, Tsutaya Electronics