CE China Daily – Day 2 Edition

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Real business from virtual reality

This year, for the first time, CE China includes a dedicated summit addressing the issues and opportunities in the field of virtual reality. This is buoyed by the huge amount of thought leadership in the sector here in Guangzhou.
Virtual reality technology has been in existence for decades; however, new technologies are evolving to make an effective contribution to thriving segments such as gaming, retail, military, and healthcare. The use of virtual reality in the gaming and entertainment sectors has been driving the growth of the market. But the lack of awareness regarding the advantages of using VR devices is a major challenge for the industry.
In cooperation with the Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange Institute and the Guangzhou VR/AR Technological Innovation Alliance, the summit is being held today, Friday September 20. The summit is discussing the latest market trends in the industry, and visitors will have the opportunity to gain hands- on experience with ground-breaking innovations in a dedicated VR and AR area. Potential applications of immersive virtual reality systems are numerous. They can be used for information visualisation in industrial sectors to create augmented reality museums for educational purposes. Furthermore, increased usage of smartphones and tablets is expected to drive the growth of immersive VR, especially for mobile HMDs.
Huge investments in the VR market, advancement of technology and growing digitisation, and availability of affordable VR devices are the major factors fuelling the growth of the overall market. According to ResearchandMarkets.com, the increase in the number of startups in Asia-Pacific is one of the key drivers for the global virtual reality market.
This year’s CE China will surely play its part in driving the market in the right direction!