CE China Daily – Day 3 Edition

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How are you riding?

It’s been a first. Following hot on the heels of IFA’s “SHIFT” conference looking at the future of mobility, CE China has for the first time brought together key players from the eld of “alternative mobility” here in Guangzhou.

Even before arriving at the show this week, our curiosity was seriously aroused when driving across “Bio Island” – one of Guangzhou’s high-tech districts, currently swarming with autonomous vehicles. Indeed, this is a first, as WeRide, a smart mobility company in China, has been qualified for road test in Guangzhou and California, employing leading L4 autonomous driving technologies.

The Connected Driving and New Energy Vehicles section at CE China highlights these and other vehicles that aim to tackle the trend of autonomous driving. Indeed, today, intelligent interconnection is not only a major trend in household appliances and electronic consumer goods, but also key to the automotive industry – bringing consumer electronics, household appliances and mobility closer together.

Shanghai-based DeepBlue Technology is at the show with a panda- shaped autonomous driving AI bus. The company has been deeply rooted in such fields as intelligent driving vehicle manufacturing, intelligent robots, AI City, and biological intelligence. Equipped with advanced AI technology such as in-Vehicle Robot Voice Interaction, Passenger Abnormal Behaviour Monitoring, and an Intelligent Emergency Escape System, the new energy bus ensures safety and comfort at the same time. Its vision-based multi-sensor fusion technology combines a decision-making system for precise positioning navigation and reinforcement learning.

These are just a couple of examples of the extraordinary new machines on show here in Guangzhou that are set to change our world in coming years. You saw it first at CE China!