Helping Suppliers with Certification… in a “one stop shop”

VDE Global Services is present at CE China for the first time as an exhibitor at the German Pavilion. We asked Head of Sales Stephan Thaerigen just what his organisation has on offer.

In China, we help foreign companies, mostly German manufacturers, but also European and American players to secure their supply chain here. We perform inspections, factory audits, and basically everything that is related to manufacturing in China. We certify products and ensure the quality is right. Recently, we also opened a laboratory, where we have a one-step solution where companies can certify their products for the European market, the American market and even the Chinese market.


How important is this show for you in terms of growing your contacts?

For us, it’s very nice to have a chance to meet a few of the big Chinese suppliers, but also as an example for the German Pavilion, it’s great to get in touch with other German brands – to meet them – to exchange with them. This is interesting for us.

How did you come to work with Messe Berlin on this project?

We already have a close cooperation with IFA in Germany, because we have our booth there, and they invited us to be part of the German pavilion, so we thought this was an excellent opportunity to make new contacts.

You visited last year’s show. How does this year’s edition compare?

I think the idea to move to Guangzhou was the right one. It’s quite different here. The show is bigger than the one in Shenzhen. The layout is nice, and I believe that in the future the show will grow even further to eventually give the same experience as at IFA in Germany.

Are you satis ed with the results this year?

I think it’s been good for us, yes.

Photo: Stephan Thaerigen, Head of sales, VDE Global Service