IDG and CE China: A Close Cooperation

Standing side by side as CE China enters a new era of growth in Guangzhou

IDG Asia has been a key partner of the CE China show since its inception. We asked Vice-President Orient Zhu to tell us more about the background to this cooperation.

IDG and Messe Berlin are key partners with a history going back many years. IDG has worked with the Association of German Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2014 when we established the “IFA Product Technical Innovation Award”. This is a major international selection event of global consumer electronics brands.

Held globally every year, it provides a platform for Chinese consumer electronics brands to go global and cooperate with foreign consumer electronics industries. IDG also assists CE China and has created a professional international exchange and cooperation platform for Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers and consumers. China’s consumer electronics industry has ushered in an era of product upgrades and transformation. IDG and Messe Berlin will join hands for future prosperity.


Why is it important to have created a show like CE China, and what are the key objectives of the show?

In the field of consumer electronics, IFA is the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics and household appliance exhibition. As one of IFA’s global events, CE China provides an important platform for showcasing new concepts, new technologies and new products of the most innovative companies in the world. This year, CE China settles in Guangzhou for the first time. In addition to the exhibition, we are creating diverse events such as theme forums, new product launches, domestic and foreign promotion conferences, and press conferences. A platform for technical exchanges and product interaction is established to assist consumption upgrade and technical innovations. We are promoting the matchmaking of technology, talent, capital, services, and upstream and downstream channels and endeavour to create a new industrial structure integrating IT and intelligent interconnection and rely on the strong economy of Guangzhou to build the world’s most in uential global consumer electronics event.

How do you see the Chinese consumer market for technical consumer goods processing this year, and what are the “sweet spots”?

China is the world’s largest producer, exporter and consumer of consumer electronics. China is the leader in the electronic information industry chain and can drive the overall enhancement of the electronic information industry chain through chips, operating systems and core devices. Corporate giants such as Huawei, TCL, Haier, Midea, KONKA and BOE have harnessed leading technological innovation, rich product types and diverse application scenarios to inspire the new drivers of the industry development to promote the medium- and high-end consumption growth.

The consumer electronics sector is witnessing tremendous changes. The post-1990 generation has gradually become the main consumer base, and their pursuit of new products and new technologies also spurs on the supply-side change of the industry. The post-1995 generation is typical of “technical consumers”. In the past two years, we see that some new categories of products are growing apace, including robotic oor mops, window cleaners and intelligent chefs and other smart appliances. Labour-saving technology has become a norm in daily life. It is not so much a change in the industry as a change in the way of life. Therefore, manufacturers should continue to think about how to better meet the needs of a smarter life in the future.

Who should come to CE Summit and why?

We are inviting industry leaders, research institutes and well-known scholars from Germany, the UK, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries, as well as world-leading channel distributors, senior management of consumer electronics companies and representatives of top capital organisations to discuss the industry development trends.

Moreover, we are also inviting global consumer electronics manufacturers, global channel buyers, industry associations, and distributors to participate in this event.

Photo: Orient Zhu, Vice President, IDG Asia